Joint statement: Condemnation of the murder of the child Ahmed Khaled Mamo in Afrin

Eight Syrian and Kurdish human rights organizations condemned the murder of the child Ahmed Khaled Mamo in Afrin, northern Syria.

The organizations said in a statement:

The child, Ahmed Khaled Maamou, is 16 years old and is from the village of Hamam, in the Jindires district, in the countryside of the Afrin region, which has a Kurdish majority.

It was reported that Mamo was killed by the “settler” Yamen Ahmed Al-Ibrahim, 18 years old and from the town of Sinjar in the countryside of the Syrian Idlib Governorate.

On 03/13/2024, the person called Yamen Ahmed Al-Ibrahim slaughtered the child Ahmed Khaled Mamo, with the help of some of his friends, and then threw him into a 30-meter-deep water well on Tal Salur Road, which belonged to the citizen Haj Ibrahim. According to the statement


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