A Kurdish citizen from Afrin loses his life under torture in Al-Ra’ai prison

A Kurdish citizen 36 years old lost his life under torture in Al-Ra’ai prison, which is supervised by Turkish intelligence in the Aleppo countryside within the “Euphrates Shield” area, 4 years after his arrest, according to what the Syrian Observatory reported.

His body was buried in the town by the security authorities on the 23rd of this month. According to activists of the Syrian Observatory, the detainee’s family refused to receive the body for fear of arrest by those authorities.

The citizen comes from the village of Rota in Maabatli district in the Afrin countryside. He was arrested in a raid by Ankara-linked agencies in the Ashrafieh neighborhood in 2020, accompanied by 7 members of his family, including two children, on charges of an explosion that occurred in Afrin.
While his wife was released in 2021, then his mother was released in the same year due to the deterioration of her health, while she died in 2022, burned in the village without knowing the causes and circumstances of the fire.

It should be noted that during the arrest operation, their house in the neighborhood was seized at the time.

The media office in Afrin of the Kurdish Democratic Unity Party in Syria (Yekiti) stated in a report:

A week ago, the Turkish occupation authorities informed his relatives from his mother’s side in the village of “Kazih” – Afrin of the death of the Kurdish citizen, “Jankin Othman Naasan, 36 years old,” from the village of “Rota” – Mapta/Maabatli, and to receive his body from a hospital in the town of Al-Ra’ai _ Al-Bab.
But no one dared to announce his relationship with him and prepare to receive the body, as the family of the deceased had been residing in the city of Afrin for decades and had no relatives left from their original village.
All his family members:
Parents: Othman Majeed Naasan, 65 years old, and his wife Zainab Abdo, 60 years old
Children: Jankin and his wife Zuleikha.
Shiar, 30 years old
Muhammad, 28 years old, and his wife, Jilan Samir Jamal, 26 years old, have two children.
They were arrested on 6/7/2020 from their home in the Ashrafieh neighborhood, on fabricated charges, and have been disappeared until now.

At that time, “Al Shamya Front” militias seized their homes and stole all their contents, including furniture, tools and equipment.


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